SZA talks about collaborating with Blackpink.

R&B singer songwriter SZA talked about a possible collaboration with Blackpink via her Instagram story. This possible collaboration can be a venture for Blackpink especially since the girl group is one the most followed and biggest girl group of the year. The following year the girl group had also collaborated with Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez and Dua Lipa so this might be a prospective alliance between them.

Rosè was also jamming to songs by SZA when she was wished a Happy Birthday on the 11th of February by the R&B singer. Fans of both the artist are really ecstatic to hear that there might be a collaboration. Although keep in mind that nothing has been confirmed yet and this all just talks. As Blinks all we can do is hope and pray for such a powerful Collab.

Jennie, Lisa, Rose and now finally Jisoo did not lie when they said “Blackpink is the revolution”