Tabu completes 30 years in Indian cinema: My top 3 performances of her

Tabu has always been known as one of those rare artists that can pull off an extremely conflicting and layered character with the utmost of ease and conviction on screen. And we have seen that happening ever since this gifted actor stepped foot into the Indian cinema exactly 30 years ago.


As hard as it was I have decided somehow my top 3 performances of Tabu and I would love those with you:


  1. Tabu as Nimmi in Maqbool- This was probably the first time that I saw her on screen and I was just mesmerized by her ability to speak so much without even saying a word. Her entire body and especially her eyes in fact does a lot of talking for her lol.
  2. Tabu as IG Meera Deshmukh in Drishyam- So this was kind of a comeback movie for me. I mean she had always been there as such but because this movie was such a big commercial and critical success and her character was also so well written, thanks to the Malayalam cinema, that you can't help but be in awe of her.
  3. Tabu as Simi in Andhadhun - Okay seriously this is probably the most charismatic and fun and wicked character she has played on screen and despite so much layerings she just eased into her role like anything. I think Andhadhun probably got her the kind of attention she had never seen before but deserved so very well.


Congratulations on completing this milestone Tabu.

What are your favorite performances of her and why?