"Tale Of The Nine-Tailed" star Kim Bum is officially back with a new project "Ghost Doctor"!

Have you gotten over the heart-wrenching ending of "The Tale of the Nine-tailed?" If not, well Kim Bum is back again to heal you with his upcoming drama "Ghost Doctor."

Kim Bum has officially been confirmed as the main cast of this drama along with Jung Ji-hoon, UEE, Son Na-eun. "Ghost Doctor" will be broadcasted on tvN in early 2022, it will be a fantasy-supernatural medical drama based on two doctors whose bodies and spirits will end up combined.

Kim Bum will be portraying the character of an intelligent and wealthy resident at a hospital, and Rain will star as a skilled but selfish doctor who gets caught up in the incident. Well, I sense some bromance over here. We just can not wait to see Kim Bum again, this time hopefully with a happy ending.

Are you excited to watch this drama? What do you expect from it?