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Tamannaah Bhatia Swears By Her Beauty Secrets

Stars are too like us. They also struggle like us with the common beauty woes such as acne flare-up and puffiness from time to time. On social media, she shared a video for a quick fix to deal with the skin problems before she puts on makeup. Being an actress, she calls for long endless parties and tiring shoots which means puffiness and less sleep.


Every day she swears by her go-to morning ritual to feel fresh. So here is an easy hack to reduce puffiness on the face while also cleaning the pores. In a large bowl, she dips her face in chilled water which is full of ice. On Instagram, she captioned her video “Ice Ice baby! Here’s my quick and easy go-to morning ritual for reducing puffiness. Trust me, it works wonders!” She revealed that following this routine every day helps her to tighten her pores and makes makeup go on very smoothly.


By applying ice in the morning helps in excess sebum production, reduces acne, tightens the pores, and soothes skin irritation. Also, it brings a natural glow by improving blood circulation on the face.


Have you tried this hack? If it is good enough for Tamannaah, then it is also good enough for all of us.  


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