Is Tapsee actually a feminist or is it just a fight against Kangana?

I feel pity on you if you still think Taapsee is charming. Taapsee is a pseudo feminist and a pseudo liberal. Well, speaking about feminism, she never supported women who recently accused a famous director of #MeToo. The woman who accused the director also said that some women to whom he gave roles earlier, got roles by compromise. Taapsee has also worked with that director, in not just one film but many films, but does this mean that she should also support the director for his wrongdoings? Few pictures of Taapsee with that director are viral on social media, but anyways one should not support the unjust.


Taapsee hates Kangana, but remember it was only Kangana who raised her voice against unjust. This also made sure that Kangana's office was partly demolished though it was legal, costing somewhere around 50Cr. Do you think someone would be fine with the destruction of such a valuable thing which was her dream, just for attention? People who are spoiling Kangana's name are doing so just because they don't want their true colours to be out in public. For the same reason, people are accusing Kangana as mentally ill, so that people won't believe her. But even though we know, Kangana is very successful today only on the basis of her morals and merit. This proves that Kangana is smart and diligent enough.