Tara being compared to Aishwarya, justified or overblown?

Tara Sutarai is confident and talented. She’s worked in plays, anchored TV shows and acted in two serials when she was a kid. She is a well trained dancer and singer, who has performed at competitions and operas and is well versed in dance forms like classic ballet and Latin American. In short, she was more than prepared to take the plunge when a single meeting with Karan Johar landed her the part in Student of the Year 2. With all these talents and expertise, one more thing that we see in her is her poised behaviour or nature. That’s the word that Karan Johar used when he called Tara on his show Koffee with Karan along with Ananya and Tiger. He called her baby Aishwarya because of how poised and graceful she is. In Tara’s other interviews as well, if you notice, she always seem very calm, composed and elegant. On acting front of course there’s still a long way for her to be compared to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, that’s surely not happening anytime soon. But otherwise maybe yes, what do you think ?