Tea Tree Oil: The Magic Potion For Acne!

Tea Tree Oil boasts of anti-bacterial properties that help treat a major concern in the world of beauty, Acne! As I stepped into teenage, I started to battle my own acne and pimple concerns. 

After exhausting nearly all the Over-the-counter medications in the market and ‘gharelu nuskes’ , I came across Nykaa’s Tea Tree Essential Oil. 
Essential oils can be harsh on the skin if not slowly eased into your routine so initially I mixed it with aloe vera gel, a natural carrier, and applied it on fresh acne and scars. After a few weeks I started with direct spot treatment and saw visible results!
Monthly, I also use a homemade gentle face mask on my face. Just take 2tbsp of yogurt, 2tsp of honey and 2 drops of tea tree essential oil. 
️Remember not to use more than 2 drops because essential oils are strong and should be diluted when being used on entire face️
It’s almost been 3 years since I started incorporating tea tree based products in my skincare routine and my skin definitely feels healthier, is clearer and brighter! This tea tree oil by Nykaa has cleared my complexion. It does have a strong fragrance but one gets used to it with time️