Television actress Kishwer Merchant again asks a valid question to Kangana, where is her MASK?

While the city, and the county at large grapples with the growing scare of Covid-19, it is amusing to see that the actress never has her face mask on. Despite it being one of the most important and basic safety precautions to keep coronavirus away, why is that nobody is questioning Kangana and asking her to follow the basic rule?

Television actress Kishwer Merchat has been quick to observe this earlier too. And this time, when Kangana stepped out for a dubbing assignment, Kishwer was joined by husband Suyyash Rai in pointing out how 'She (Kangana) never is in a mask... it's not even ever in her hand? How?' Adding to Kishwer's comment on a video shared on social media by a paparazzi, Suyyash said, 'Duniya ko gyaan dene mein sabse aage khade ho jaate hain! Duumbness at its best'. Well we are asking the same question Where is her mask??