Telugu Movie Natyam - Teaser Review

‘Natyam’ is an upcoming classical-dance based movie directed by Revanth Korukonda. It is going to introduce the renowned Kuchipudi dancer Sandhya Raju who plays the lead in the film. There seems to be no male lead, just a few appearances by some actors. The teaser of the film was released two days ago and unveiled by Junior NTR.

The teaser is 1 minute and 30 seconds long. In its short length, the teaser gave no clarity about what the film is about - only a vague impression that the film has some story which is being told visually through a dance form. Instead of presenting any plot hint, the teaser drops clips of dance performances by Sandhya Raju being played to the rhythm and beats of a classical song. From the looks of it, Sandhya seems to have done a great job of dance. She looks ethereal in all of her visuals - powerful in some, coy in some but wholesome all the time - and the teaser seems to present a lot of complexity to her character, especially in the end scene.

Natyam looks different, to say the least, and is aesthetically pleasing. It definitely seems worth watching, or at least worth eagerly waiting for the trailer. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!