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Thank You Aamir, For Choosing To Be Open Minded & Not Caring About Being A Role Model

I've been an Aamir Khan fan for a long long time. I love his choice of movies, I love how he invests in a character, I love him as a producer & I absolutely respect him as a craftsman. However, I do not really care about him being a role model. I do not have to worry about what he does in his personal life.


The fact that he's chosen to seperate from his wife Kiran Rao is a very very personal decision that we should respect him for. Unlike many other superstars that I'd rather not name here, he's ok giving up on a loveless marriage. Prioritising your peace of mind is the most important thing in my opinion.


Divorce will forever be a taboo in India which is why most stars shy away from formally seperating from their wives. I like Aamir because he keeps his personal life personal and does not really let his fans, the media in.


Let's respect him for the decision he's made. Instead of letting his fans stay in the dark, he's taken a step that most of us would judge him on. Let us for now simply leave him alone?


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