Thebodyshop body polish review

FAVOURITES I dont know how many tubes finished of these two @thebodyshopindia SATSUMA ENERGIZING BODY POLISH is a citrusy exfoliator gel wash which gently buffs away all dead skin cells leaving the body fresh and energetic. I love its fragrance that keeps lingering whole day and I feel fresh . Note down that I always keep the stock during offer period for the body shop website. STRAWBERRY SOFTENING BODY POLISH is a full on strawberry fragrance variant of body polish. It has black bead to exfoliate the skin gently which help in keeping the skin silky smooth and soft. Again the fragrance keeps lingering whole day . P.S. Satsuma is empty and Strawberry is half way. They last for 3 months if used for 2 days a week.625 INR for 200 ml is quite a good quantity and more good when u get it on offer.