thekosas scar healing balm review

Today I have come up with a very interesting product. Basically it is SCAR HEALING BALM by @thekosas yet it serves million of purposes. INGREDIENTS : Coconut oil infused with acacia nilotica, kuth ,ginger,nettle, argan oil ,neem oil ,black cumin oil , tamanu oil ,castor oil ,beeswax , EO of lavender, turmeric , tea tree and thyme. What a fascinating concoction of different herbs that are anti microbial ,anti bacterial ,anti inflammatory and anti oxidants. This balm is thick, dark forest green in color and has a balmy texture. It has strong fragrance of herbs. Also comes in dark amber cutie little tub which keeps the balm more potent. Post application it doesn't leaves any oily feeling on the skin. It sinks as if nothing was applied. So I would say kids friendly too. This balm is meant to cure minor cuts, bruises, crusty healing wounds and cure scars. As we have a child in our home so this balm comes handy when he falls from his cycling session ,or gets wounds in park while playing etc. I immediately clean the skin and apply this balm all over and to my surprise the pain subsides immediately and the wounds which take about a week to heal , heal in just a day or two.It does has a little tingling sensation as my son said but not that much that he can't bear. Also I do apply it on myself while getting any insect bite and it's really helpful in that as you know ye mausam. You need this in your home atleast a must in monsoon season when all the diseases are on a high and you have kids at home. Little goes a long way as you need just a teeny bit to apply on affected area. Do you have such balm in your home ? Follow mw on Instagram @theduskybeautyblog