Theories on the internet you have to read if you’re a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan

I) Friends Exist In The Same Universe As Home Alone

This vision was revealed in 2016 and is given to you by "22 Vision." The view of the street from inside the house Monica and Chandler relocate to at the end of the series is identical to the view from inside the McCallister residence in "Home Alone." In the episode "The One With Princess Consuela," it was mentioned. The blue garage of Murphy's family may even be seen from across the street.

II)The whole show is a vision Phoebe has…

Twitter user @strnks came up with this darkest fan theory. Phoebe standing outside Central Perk and seeing Rachel, Monica, Ross, Joey, and Chandler, according to the user, would be the final scene. They all have different names and personalities, of course. They've all nicknamed her "the crazy staring lady." Phoebe created her friends from the ground up because she was homeless and didn't have any. "That's the saddest thing I've ever heard," commented co-creator Marta Kauffman when she heard this hypothesis.

III) Ross & Monica are half-siblings!

Monica has always had a difficult relationship with Judy, Ross's mother. She is often harsh in her criticism of her. Judy, on the other hand, might be hiding a dark secret from both herself and the rest of the world. Monica was not the daughter of Jack Geller, according to one fan's theory, but the outcome of Judy's secret romance with another guy. And the remorse she felt inside manifested itself in a harsh attitude toward Monica.

IV) Joey & Phoebe were secretly hooking up!

Throughout FRIENDS’ 10-season run, there have been speculations that Joey and Phoebe get together romantically. In the end, they both put the idea forward. They felt that the pair had enjoyed enough flirty moments to turn into a rather unique idea to the show’s writers. It was ultimately rejected because it would have looked weird, at least to some.

As many of the theories are discarded & termed not true, it’s still a fun way to look at these theories as a secret part of the show's premise