Is there a celebrity you used to like but now despise? What happened that caused you to change your mind?

I'll start. Kangana Ranaut used to be one of my favorite actresses.

She was brilliant, I loved her in movies like Tanu Weds Manu Returns. She seemed bold too, standing up against the big bad bullies. But then she became one herself.

To be honest, she's just been pouring venom for the past year or two. Attacking people for things as minuscule as wearing bikini's and ripped jeans (which she too has done herself btw). I used to love her cause she was unafraid of saying what has to be said in order to do the right thing, also the fact that she is a marvellous actor. However, it has now devolved into lunacy. She says and does the most bizarre things and is just so completely vile.

Her diehard fans make her hypocrisy worse. If you bring up something she has done then they'll say "purani baat kyun bol rahe ho" but then also bring up 5 year old drama for another actor. When another actor does something or messes up, her and her fans will obliterate them but then if Kangana makes the same mistake she's an "outsider who has to do things to survive. You don't get to the top by playing nice".

But that being said I don't want to actively hate on her and still like her as an actor very much.

This is just me saying why I'm not to fond of her and made the fan in me turn away from her.

What celebrity were you a fan of but now dislike them? And why did your opinion change?

(Please don't go into a straight up hate speech. And please do not drag someone for things out of their control like the way they look or walk or anything of that sort. Those are things one doesn't control and shouldn't be bullied about either. This is only meant to be a discussion about what changed your mind. We can all disagree and be respectful at the same time.)