These fads get a no from us! #BeautyTruthBomb

These fads get a no from us! #BeautyTruthBomb Hot-ticket wellness and beauty trends were rife throughout 2021. Some were bizarre (and low-key gross – yes mucus-y things, I am talking to you), some were downright dangerous (vitamin IV drips and excessive fasting diets) and some, all of us were guilty of buying into (hi, matcha tea, juicers and jade rollers). 

1.Pore vacuum

Pore vacuums can break capillaries in the skin and cause bleeding to occur

2.Base tan

A base tan will not prevent your skin from burning but rathe damage your natural skin cells

3.Pore strips

Pore strips have their own fan following but they actually do no good to your skin. Rather, they can rip off the top layer of your skin and only removes the top layer of debris

4.Peel off masks

Much like pore strips, these peel-off masks can rip off the top layer of skin causing damage

5.Glitter face mask

Just don’t. Do not use this on your face at any cost. Please don’t do wrong to your skin

6. Chemical peels

They are too strong and skin-specific for at-home use. These should only be applied by a professional who understands the ingredients as well as your specific skin concerns. For chemical exfoliation, stick to products that are meant for at-home use. They can spread bacteria throughout the kin, causing acne and irritation.

7.Derma rollers

They damage the skin by creating uneven, angled tears on the surface of the skin. Also, if they are not properly sanitized they can spread bacteria throughout the skin, causing acne and irritation. Opt for professional micro-needling instead

8. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is comedogenic, meaning I have a tendency to clog pores. Opt for a non-comedogenic oil such as reship or Marula.

9.Baking soda

This is too harsh to use on your face and will more likely cause irritation. One reason for this is that your skins natural pH is 5.5 while baking soda is 9