These K-Pop idols almost debuted with different stage names

Stage names are an age-old tradition in the world of K-Pop. Their alias can be seen to add an extra dimension to how we see them. It’s especially fun when an idol shows different sides of themselves under different names! 1. IU IU almost debuted with the stage name “Ji Heun”. This stage name is actually very similar to her real name Ji Eun. While Ji Heun would have been a great stage name, it got turned down for being too difficult to pronounce. 2.BTS’s Jungkook Back when he was a trainee BTS‘s Jungkook had “Seagull” as one of the stage names lined up for him. The idea for this name came from the fact that Jungkook hails from Busan where the seagulls can be seen as the city’s beautiful beaches. 3. Chungha Chungha almost debuted with stage names like “Seo An”, “Ji An” or even “Se Ri”.But because she wanted to include the “Ch-” sound from her legal name in her stage name she debuted with the name Chungha. 4. EXO’s Sehun EXO‘s Sehun debuted using his legal first name, but he did have other ideas for his stage names as well. SM Entertainment‘s Lee Soo Man wanted him to debut with the name ‘Seoul’, but the agency staff strongly fought against it.