These underrated characters deserve a lot more love and appreciation-

When we watch a movie, we tend to like different aspects of it, some people like the screenplay, some like the story, some like the characters. Here is my list of few underrated characters who deserve a lot more love and appreciation-

Aditi from Ye jawani hai deewani- Aditi jitni jhalli ladki hai na utni hi bharosemand dost bhi. And this trait of Aditi really made her stood out in the movie. In fact I love Aditi more than Naina and Bunny.

Rohit from kal ho na ho- Aman lost his life, his love but what about Rohit. He was ready to sacrifice it all. He was such a pure soul as It takes immense courage to love someone knowing they love someone else.

Aman from Kuch Kuch hota hai- Despite him wholeheartedly loving Anjali, he lets her go to her love and walks away with a smile. Can't get a better man than Aman.

Saba from Ae dil hai mushkil - Saba is a beautiful and successful woman who falls in love with an immature boy, we see her battle this inner-loneliness where all she seeks is to be desired.

Mc sher from Gully Boy- There are very few films in which the supporting actor/character overshadows the lead and Gully Boy is surely one of those movies.

Which of these is your favorite character also is there any other underrated character that you want to add in this list?