As they become museums, let's look at Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar's beautiful ancestral homes in Pakistan

It's no surprise that quite a few people have their ancestral lands and property across the border. Bollywood stars are no exception. A lot of these homes are centered around the Punjab and Peshawar areas, and there's actors who once had stunning havelis in their ancestral cities and towns.


Dilip Kumar has his home in Peshawar where he was born and brought up. His home had doorways with arches and windows with vertical grills as vintage homes did in British India. Pictures of his house will remind any member of the older generation of their homes with their typically yesteryear designs.


Raj Kapoor, meanwhile, had a lavish home in Peshawar called Kapoor haveli, and rightly so because its architecture and style will remind you of former extravagance. Prithviraj Kapoor's father had this home constructed, and its look is all splendor. The haveli apparently has 40 rooms! It was also as much as six storeys. The balconies of this beautiful mansion extend outwards, and it is a vision with its arches.


As part of a drive to save the heritage of these iconic structures, they are being converted into museums.