Things K-Pop fans can relate to!

1.Waiting for a comeback-New song, new choreographies, new hairstyles and a new concept. Nothing excites a K-Pop fan more than the comeback announcement. 2.Trying to learn a new choreo-Almost every fan would have tried to learn the choreography at least once. 3.Waiting for English subtitles-This one is for every international fan out there. Believe me, there is no person more patient than a K-Pop fan. 4.Trying to learn Korean-The struggle to learn Korean usually ends with learning basic phrases as I love you because that's all one needs to try to win over our favourite idol.Right? 5.Finding another K-Pop fan-The most difficult thing you will come across is finding another person in your contacts who loves K-Pop just as much as you do. Even with these relatable struggles fans always find ways to enjoy. If you are new to K-Pop be ready to experience all this.