Are you guilty of any of the following things?

Your skin depends on not just what you apply externally but also on what u take in internally. It's important to maintain a balance in them. Proper lifestyle is equally important to skin hygiene.

Intake of high glycemic index food elevate hormones that increase the activity of oil glands in the skin, which ultimately contributes to the formation of acne.

Always double cleanse when you have makeup/sunscreen on. I understand u are tired at the end of the day but sleeping with dirt& makeup will clog ur pores leading to breakouts and dull skin.

Avoid direct sun exposure. Always and always use sunscreen.

Never distrub your skin barrier and skin natural pH, it will basically invite all trouble.

Don't overuse actives especially exfoliants.

No matter you are oily,dry, normal or combination skin type , always choose a non comedogenic formula. It doesn't clog pores.

Drink atleast 2.5-3L of plain water. Water flushes out toxins which helps in cleaning from within.

Change your pillow cover regularly. Clean your phone screen, makeup brushes frequently. If not you are transferring the accumulated bacteria on your skin.

Using wrong products which doesn't suit your skin type will either over dry ur skin or overproduce sebum or cause irritation. Be mindful of what you buy. Using thick moisturisers on oily skin will clog pores, use a lightweight formula.

Don't overstress yourself. Sometimes it's ok not to be ok, that's how life goes. Stress effects not just your skin but also your mental & psychological health.

Have a good beauty sleep of 7-8 hours. As discussed in PM skincare routine order, ur skin is in regeneration process when you sleep. Without adequate sleep, your skin can't undergo that process.

Avoid frequently touching ur face. Your transferring the dirt of ur fingers to ur face. Clean ur hands first before touching ur face or before cleansing it.

Make sure that ur hair products,hair oil, hair conditioner are not dripping on ur face. They are bigger molecules which settle on surface of skin clogging it.