Things that you smoothly missed in BTS' 'Butter'

It was difficult for me to focus on the lyrics because of the damn captivating visuals. So let's discuss. The song starts and it goes like (Breaking into your heart like). For your information, only BTS has the right to break into Army's heart. Taehyung tells us in his verse (Cool shade stunner, Yeah I owe it all to my mother, Hot like summer, I'm making you sweat like that) He knows from where he got that beauty. Thanks to his mom for giving birth to a beautiful person inside out. And also yes sir, you sure are making us sweat like that. Worldwide handsome Jin flexes again, yes he has that superstar glow, we know! For BTS, actions speak louder than words and for the Nth time as I've already lost the count of, they have proven it. With their achievements and consistency, they continue to rise. Even sky is not the 'limit' for them. Now what I noticed further into the lyrics, Taehyung said (Don't need no Usher) Was it a diss? Is he talking about the American singer-songwriter Usher, who discovered Justin Bieber? BTS also put shades on the haters and showed love for their beloved Army in the song. (No ice on my wrist I am the nice guy) ice on my wrist means putting on diamond jewellery. Now specifically about this line many conclusions can be drawn. Do they mean they are already glorious and they don't need any add on to glorify their position? Also there was this line in Blackpink's icecream song- ice on my wrist I like it like this. Is this line in relation to that song of Blackpink? It's true that they are breaking all the stereotypes and the gender norms. (Hate them or love them), BTS' doesn't care as they (got Armys behind them) and they have got (the right body and the right mind for their actions). Also Dynamite Jimin saying 'I am diamond, I know I glow up' and Butter Jimin saying 'I got that superstar glow' hits differently! What a bop Summer song it is. Obviously, no one does it like BTS.