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"Think Positive & Engage in Re-affirmations": Dr Ashish Gokhale is not only great Onscreen but also on Medical Advice!

The 'Tara from Satara' fame revealed how people are panicking due to the ongoing pandemic instead of consulting a doctor. 'The hypothalamus in the brain sends signals to the adrenaline gland and this increases the heart rate and results in palpitations. The constant fear of the virus since last year is resulting in heart damage by releasing unnecessary cortisol and adrenaline, that is in turn, resulting in the weakening of the immune system”. “Think positive and engage in positive reaffirmations. Follow the social distancing norms and take all necessary precautions like wearing a mask and sanitising your hands regularly. This will result in a significant decrease in stress, panic and anxiety”. Says the actor I feel good already hearing this post!

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