Threats against Akshay Kumar-Manushi Chhillar's Prithviraj might give it fame just like SLB's Padmaavat?

YRF's venture, Prithviraj, starring  Akshay Kumar and Manushi Chhillar has landed in hot water even before its completion. As it is, the age gap between the lead actors has been called out. Akshay and Manushi are thirty years apart which makes the casting look odd. Add to that, a lot of groups, including Karni Sena, have protested against the movie. Recently, effigies of Akshay Kumar were burnt and there were calls to change the name of the title.

This is oddly similar to the kind of treatment that the makers of Padmaavat had received. It was to the point that lead actress Deepika Padukone had a bounty on her head.

Perhaps, it was because of all the controversy around the movie before its release that it performed excessively well. It made the audience curious about its content and fate. I feel that Prithviraj is going down the same path. I wasn't initially interested in the film but now I want to watch it to see what the outrage is about. Do you think that the publicity around the movie, even if it is negative, has actually helped it get attention?