Three reasons why Khushi Kapoor won't be able to make it big in Bollywood.

Her dad is big money and produces big films whereas her mom was one the biggest superstar of this era, then what makes it impossible for her to be a successful actor like her mother and sister?


1)Continous comparison with her mother and sister: Khushi’s mother, Late Sridevi is one of the biggest stars of her era and her movies have been a revolution in the Indian film industry. Whereas her sister, Janhvi Kapoor is trying to make it big. Khushi is already related to these two remarkable actors of their times and that can be one of the reasons for the comparison.


2) The ultimate tag of Nepotism: Khushi is a product of nepotism whereas the audience hates the idea of nepotism. This can be one of the reasons why the audience won't accept her.


3) She is way too young: Khushi is 20 years old and is way too young to handle pressure from the audience and the media. She is still a girl who lost her mother and is living life on her father's money. The audience is harsh when it comes to criticizing and we are not sure if she is old enough to handle that.