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Throwback- When Ajay Devgan denied dating Raveena Tandon and called it her imagination!!

In the early 90s, Ajay was reportedly in a relationship with Raveena until he unceremoniously dumped her after falling in love with his Suhaag co-star Karisma Kapoor. Ajay and Raveena had a public war of words, and she was so heartbroken that she even tried to attempt suicide. Their ugly separation led to Ajay advising Raveena to see a psychiatrist. In an earlier interview, Raveena claimed that while she was in a relationship with Ajay, they exchanged some love letters which she can cite as proof of their affair. However, Ajay called her claims to be a "figment of her imagination. I think Ajay is totally lying and not accepting it so that it doesn't spoil his reputation. Raveen wouldn't just commit suicide if it wasn't true.. What is your opinion??


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