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Throwback: When Akshay Kumar accepted being engaged to Raveena Tandon!

There was a time when Akshay Kumar and Raveena Tandon were some of the most-talked-about couples in the industry. After the release of their movie, Mohra, Raveena and Akshay were madly in love and within no time, their offscreen romance started. These two were in a serious relationship and Akshay promised Raveen for marriage, she stopped signing any movies as she wanted to be a housewife. They got engaged in a temple but soon after that, there were rumors that the two have broken up. Raveena shared in an old interview that Akshay had fear of losing his female fans and this is why he didn't make his engagement with Raveena public. Initially, Akshay kept mum about his break-up rumors. However, years later, he broke the silence and confessed to being engaged to Raveena Tandon. When he was asked if he was married to Raveena, he said, "It was only an engagement which broke later. But excuse me, we were not married at all." These two say that they share a cordial relation but the world knows they had an ugly breakup!!

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