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When Sanjay Khan beat up Zeenat Aman while his wife Zarine cheered him on!

They fell in love with each other while they were shooting for their film, Abdullah. However, Sanjay Khan was also married to another woman, model Zarine Katrak at this point. But, things between Sanjay and Zeenat became ugly in 1980, when the actor was reported thrashing Zeenat Aman black and blue at a five-star hotel in Mumbai. A few media publications also claimed that every time the actress fell, Sanjay lifted her up by her hair and continued hitting her. Unfortunately, this was not it. At this point, Sanjay’s current wife, Zarine Katrak entered the chamber and began cheering her husband on. While the guests of the party stood like statues, it was a worker of the hotel, who rescued Zeenat. After all this, she was in the hospital for weeks. Due to the accident, her jaw was broken, which was set right surgically. I think it was a disgusting behaviour by Sanjay khan and he should have punished but Zeenat refused to file a complaint as she was still in love with him. What do you think of this decision?


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