#Throwbackthursday Times when Bollywood took over South film industry:

South films are taking over Bollywood movies today. With time, the audience are preferring to choose South content over Bollywood but this was not the case before. Few years ago when it was the other way around. People were not even aware of actors like Yash and Alu Arjun. Only big names like Dhanush, Rajnikanth, Suriya, Vijay, Chiranjeevi were famous but clearly the narrative is different today. It's sad to know that once South Films an equally talented industry was once neglected.

Chiranjeevi in one of his interviews recently had recalled an incident where he felt ''insulted'' and "humiliated". He said, They portrayed Hindi cinema as Indian cinema. While other films were categorized as 'regional films' and were not given respect." This incident had occurred in 1989, when he had visited Delhi to collect the Nargis Dutt Award for his movie, Rudraveeni. While walking in the room where all the actor's picture was put up, he couldn't find any South actors over there. The only people from South he found there was MGR - Jayalalithaa and a pic of Prem Nazir. Other than these three he couldn't find veteran actors like Raj Kumar, Vishnuvardhan, NT Ramarao, Nageshwara Rao or Sivaji Ganesan.

Are you happy with how the narrative has changed today?