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Tiger Shroff isn't trolled as much as the other star kids despite being an average actor. Why?

Tiger Shroff has been in the Bollywood film industry for around half a decade. Since his first film, the son of Jackie has proved that he is good at few things. Dancing, looking amazing and performing some breathtaking fighting moves. But acting isn't one of them. He seems to be a competitor of Arjun Kapoor when it comes to facial expressions.


Tiger clearly struggles and fails while delivering an emotional scene. Despite this, he is not trolled like the other star kids (Ananya, Janhvi, or Sara). I cannot think of a single film where Tiger's acting stood out. He is doing the same kind of acting in same kind of films. In recent times, he has kind of realised his strength and is only doing action flicks where he can show his bulging muscles.


Is it because he is a nice person off-screen or it is solely because of his looks? What do you think is the reason behind people treating him differently?


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