Times when BTS members broke weverse

There are times when BigHit Entertainment created Weverse app can't handle the love between BTS and ARMY's. Throwback to the times when BTS members broke Weverse. 1.When Jungkook asked just 3 questions-After taking a break for some time the maknae returned to the app to ask fans what were they up to and should he go to sleep or play overwatch. These 3 questions were enough for Armys to break down weverse. 2.Time when Jin got kicked out-Of May 2020, Jin got kicked out of the app probably because of the spam spree he did while waiting for V's reply along with J-Hope and RM. 3.Bon Voyage fiasco-Bighit released 4th season of Bon Voyage late 2019 and soon after the release Armys flooded the app which caused it to crash. 4.Jungkook is rarely active on social media but when he did try to post a letter on Twitter it crashed. This led him to come to weverse to post it but apparently, he broke this app too. The power that he has! 5.V's Quiz-BTS's V is known to interact with fans the most. In one such incident, he invited fans to play sketch quiz with him. Unfortunately, no one wanted to miss the opportunity and swarmed the ageing app leading it to crash. This one wasn't technically about weverse but it did lead to a crash of another app!