Times When Deepika Trolled Her Haters Like A Boss

1. The Silent Slam 2017

June 2017 Deepika shared photos of her latest photoshoot when a few comments on the actor's post were a little surprising. Being judged on the length of her clothes, a few self-declared culture saviours try to slam the Ramleela star when she hit right back at them with a new photograph from the same shoot. Attagirl.

2. Her outburst at The Times of India 2013

It was at the trailer launch of the 2013 action comedy Chennai Express that Deepika had worn a low-cut dress designed by Anita Shroff, but to the actor's surprise, rather than talking about the film itself Times of India shamefully decided to put its entire focus on the actress' cleavage. But the star was not the one to take it lying down either and so she tweeted, "I am a woman I have breasts and a cleavage. You got a problem!?" Following which a lot many celebs and fans voiced their anger at the network so much so that it surely will think twice before posting anything of the sort ever again.

3. The Public Call out2021

Yet again Deepika in a befitting reply shut down one of her online harrasers by posting a screenshot of one of the trolls that hit her up in the DM's. The man who repeatedly sent the actress offensive message got into trouble after she decided to expose him on social media. Sharing the screenshot the actress wrote, "Wow! Your family and friends must be so proud of you." Like a boss!

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