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Tina Datta calls out a troll who slutshamed her and rightfully so!

Tina Datta had posted a picture in which she was posing topless. But of course some people just can’t take women wearing what they want to and had to give his 2 cents in the situation. He then preceded to constantly slutshame her. He had written many disgusting comments under her post multiple times (I’m not going to be writing them on here because they’re just disgusting and filled with abuses. But the article I’ve linked has it on there).


She then posted a screenshot of the comments he had made slutshaming her. She wrote alongside the screenshot, writing his username and ‘Is that the kind of upbringing you guy’s get??? @shubhamcybercop please take action’.


She then posted another screenshot of other comments made by him slutshaming her even more, saying ‘And he wouldn’t stop’. tagging his username, she wrote ‘bring it on you looser. Seems like that’s how you talk to every other women’.


Tina shared another screenshot some time later, where the guy had dm’d her apologising saying ‘Dii’. ‘I am really sorry for this’. She wrote saying ‘And now suddenly I became Di....such losers’.


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