Tired of watching reruns of Greys Anatomy? We’ve got you covered. Watch 3 of these Kdramas instead

1. Descendants of the Sun

Military and Medical go hand in hand in this series. With just 16 episodes the SongSong couple will keep you on the edge through each episode through surgeries and soldier duties. A dynamic duo and a side love story between the best friends will just make you demand a whole new series for the dedicated two.

2. Doctor Stanger

A multigenre series, Doctor Stranger is an underrated show. The lead character and his father were kidnapped by the North Koreans grows up and goes on to become a surgeon who is hellbound on rescuing his love from the North Koreans. If you loved Crashing landing on you, this is definitely a must watch

3. Dr Romantic

A triple certifies genius surgeon with a aptitude for romance and a damaged past helps two struggling doctors away from the operating table and teaches them the true value of saving a life.