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The Tomorrow War - A Visually Appealing Sci-fi Thriller with Right dosage of thrills and emotions.

30 years in the future mankind is facing a deadly war with aliens that may extinct human race from the earth. So a group of civilians are transported to future to join the fight. 

The Tomorrow War may not offer you anything new in terms of storyline but this visual extravaganza has got some genuine exciting elements too hook you into the screen. It's an usual sci-fi mixed with template heroic moments and family emotions but what works in favour for the film is it"s execution and visuals. The emotional quotient is sprinkled in the right proportion to take you on an enthralling ride. The protagonist's fight for his family's survival has been a part of several hollywood flicks but Tomorrow War keeps it's momentum high till the end. Tomorrow War is meant for theatrical experience, the gigantic CGI elements and the visually magnificent war episodes deserves a larger screen view. The alien war sequences and tension building fight for survival has hit the right spot. 

Chris Prat is rather serious here and has done his part quite well. The filmmakers doesn't make any strenuous effort in the plot and the ending is too formulaic. Although several inconsistencies plats villain at parts, this sci-fi thriller is definitely a one time watch passable flick.


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