Too many posters of Radhe Shyam! We're done, give us something else

Radhe Shyam, Rebel Star’s new movie, which is all set for release on the 30th of July 2021, has been rolling out posters since July last year. On every festival or occasion, we receive a post on the first looks or the posters from either Prabhas or Pooja Hedge and nothing else. In October last year, they gave us, half-heartedly, a motion poster called the ‘Beats of Radhe Shyam’ which could have been a good marketing gimmick had the Telugu Film Industry audience been half as aesthetic as the makers.

Unfortunately, we’re not aesthetic, we need mass. And we have received no heart. After months of waiting, we received a ‘glimpse’ on Valentine's Day, 2021. This glimpse was trending and caught on to a massive amount of popularity only minutes after its release. However, it’s not enough. And now, after Ugadi, we’re back to rolling out posters again. This is a humble plea to the makers to kindly stop and give us something else.

Release a teaser of the film already! It’s just a teaser, not a trailer that we’re asking for. We promise to keep the hype going until the film’s release.