Toofaan trailer: Farhan Akhtar is basically playing 'Sultan' in the film without a haryanvi accent, watch

Just saw the trailer now and I can't help but write about the uncanny similarities this Farhan Akhtar movie "Toofaan" has with our beloved Salman Khan's movie "Sultan". Now even the names are sounding similar!


But yes, credits must be given to the makers for trying to copy such a mainstream popular movie and still being able to avoid any controversy. The trick is that they have acted like that school kid who copies the answer from his friend's answer sheet but writes it in this own language with a few changes here and there.

And we were cursing Salman of getting inspirations from abroad, here the makers haven't taken even that much effort.


Yes just like sultan, it's the story of a comeback of a boxer, the same scene where he is seen crying shirtless and reflecting on his past. The same hard rock loud songs which are to be used henceforth only in the gyms.


The trailer only revealed that much similarities. Can't wait for the movie to drop on amazon prime. But one thing I'll say I expect much better from this Farhan-Rakesh duo. Do you agree with me? Your thoughts in the comment section below.