Top 3 BTS Run episodes

1. Episode 20 - The iconic episode which gave birth to Jungkook’s glazed potatoes with adhesive strength, Where V’s only work was to eat bread, which included RM’s iconic line “do carrots have skin? We don’t have to peel them” and that iconic “squirrel in the garden” plate designed by V. This episode was a laugh riot with BTS’s supposed cooking with Suga’s team prioritizing sanitation and Jin’s team prioritizing cleanliness and adhesive strength of glazed potatoes.

2.Episode 33 – BTS were supposed to play two games in this episode. The photo zone game and also the hidden Manito mission. The penalty is that they will wear hanbok to MAMA if they cannot make their Manito do the secret mission. It was the most chaotic episode with BTS jumping up at the right moment to pose in mid-air, while V and Jungkook got all poses, Suga and Jin were struggling to even be in the picture. A definite watch to cheer you up anytime.

3. Episode 106 – The iconic “rookie actor” Jimin photo came from this episode. That portrait still hangs in the BigHit artist lounge. The episode starts with BTS designing clothes for a photoshoot where Jin just starts going crazy with his design. The victim of Jin’s unique fashion sense is Jungkook. This episode gave ARMY’s so many memes that BTS themselves have to request ARMY’s not to meme them. That “Butterfly Jin in the Sky” meme came from this episode.