Top 3 BTS songs that are charting for years

BTS are true kings of charts. If once one of their songs enter the chart it does not leave it easily. Recently, RM’s mixtape ‘Mono’ achieved a perfect All kill on iTunes in Costa Rica, Jungkook’s five-year-old solo song ‘Begin’ topped the world digital song charts, many of their songs regularly feature in global charts and domestic charts. And it is a given that these songs will chart for at least a few months or not years, that is the dedication and hard work of their fandom ARMY.

1. Spring day: The song known as the “queen’ by BTS ARMY has charted for 234 weeks consecutively on melon charts. The song was released in 2017 and it entered Melon, it hasn’t left the chart yet. It is still charting in Melon and the song also regularly enters Billboard charts. ARMY’s has dubbed this song as the ‘queen of Melon’.

2. Mic drop: A song inspired by Barack Obama’s speech is as legendary as the speech itself. The song has charted on the World Digital Song Sales chart for 156 weeks now. It has only toggled between 15 and 17 rankings in this time and it is still charting.

3. Boy With Love ft. Halsey: Another legendary song which was meant as a fan letter from BTS to ARMY. The song has proved as a successful fan letter because ARMY’s did not let it fall from the charts for 123 weeks. The song is still charting on Melon at 41st position.