Top 3 female solo K-pop idols

The K-pop music industry is dominated by boy groups and the majority of the fandom also lean towards boy groups. Only very few K-pop girl groups have been able to sustain in such a heavily competitive market and in such a competitive environment it becomes very hard for solo artists to survive. But there are few very strong female artists who compete and won against boy groups and girl groups.

1. Hyuna: One of the oldest and the hottest K-pop idols. She was formerly in the girl group 4minute and after their disbandment, she performed in a subunit with then pentagon member and now her boyfriend E-dawn. Hyuna is one of the monster soloists who competes and wins with her every comeback.

2. Sunmi: She was also formerly in a girl group, Wonder Girls, the K-pop group which first broke into the billboard charts. She went solo after leaving JYP and she is one of the most successful solo artists. Her song Gashina went viral and swept many awards.

3. Chungha: Among all of them, she is the newest idol and also the youngest one. She was a contestant on the idol survival show Produce 101. After the whole scandal about vote riggings, Chungha went solo and she is the most iconic idol to come out of that show. All of her songs are a viral hit. She can sing, rap and dance perfectly making her one of the most sought after solo idols.