Top 3 Lee Minho Dramas that everyone should watch

Lee Minho is the king of k-dramas, any drama that he is in will surely go viral. Lee Minho is the first actor to start the whole flower boy trend in Korean dramas through his hit drama “Boys Over Flowers”. Everything that Minho wears sell out, his hairstyles become the new trend. He is the most famous K-drama actor in the world. The top 3 dramas that every Lee Minho fan should watch are


1. Personal taste: It is a romantic comedy-drama released in 2010. Lee Minho plays the role of a struggling architect, Jeon Jin Ho, who is mistaken as a gay man by the Park Kae In played by Son Ye Jin. The rest of the plot revolves around how this mistake brings them closer and how Jinho becomes successful in his career. The drama is the perfect mix of emotions and logic. It is one of the most daring works of Minho to date.


2. City Hunters: An action-packed drama that really kick-started the global fame of Lee Minho. He plays the role of an undercover agent Lee Yoon Sung who is working to avenge his father. He starts working as an IT expert in blue house and meets Kim Nana, a female bodyguard played by Park Min Young. This was Minho’s first-ever action drama. So, be ready to witness some really hard action scenes.


3. The Legend of the blue: This drama does not require any introduction. One of the most famous k-dramas that everyone knows. The plot connects the past and present of a young mermaid and a thief and how their love stands the test of the cruel destiny. The drama is a visual treat with so many good locations and the story keeps you at the edge until the end scene.