Top 3 Tropes that K-Dramas should stop using

1. Not recognising each other even when they just met a few days ago – This is just both funny and annoying like how empty-headed are you. In “The Great Seducer”, the female lead meets the male lead on a bus and she thinks that he wants to commit suicide so she starts to comfort him but she forgets about him entirely when she meets him just four or five days later. I don’t think anyone could ever forget someone who we meet in such a crucial moment as suicide. 

2. Adult man falling in love with high school girls – This trope just messed up the whole drama. We all loved Goblin so much that we somehow overlooked the fact that the female lead was in her school uniform when they meet. No matter how much fantastical you are, romancing school children when you are a grown adult is just a nope. It is not something that should be normalized and romanticised, it is not good for any society at all.

3. Poor orphaned female lead or poor female lead with evil parents – I really don’t understand the writer’s obsession with this trope at all. Showing that the female lead is kind, virtuous and forgiving because she is humbled by her poverty, at the same time showing rich ambitious women as villainous or evil. An independent woman can never be good or virtuous, she should always be docile and kind to the male lead no matter how much of a jerk he is. 

I just hope that the k-drama writers will branch out and try new ideas and stories. I love watching them but seeing the same tropes again and again just turns me off. I wish that we will get more stories where an independent female lead is not villainous and has the ambition to chase, the male lead would treat her as his equal rather than as a property.