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Top 4 Nicknames Given to BTS Suga by BTS ARMY

BTS is loved and adored by ARMY so much that each of them are given a ton of nicknames by ARMY. From Mochi to Bunny, BTS has a lot of names that are endearingly said by ARMY. These are the Top 4 nicknames that BTS ARMY has given to Suga.


  1. Lil Meow Meow: Suga is one of the fastest rappers in K-pop but ARMY sees him as a very cute little fluffy cat, and he gets compared to a cat behaviour so many times. SUGA is also the smallest member of the group, so the Lil before the meow meow. 
  2. Jjang-jjang-man-boong-boong: ARMY literally wrote this down. Naver provided a chance to ARMY to add rap lines to BTS raps, and they wrote down “jjang-jjang-man-boong-boong” which literally means the best best man. Suga is now Min Suga genius Jjang-jjang-man-boong-boong.
  3. Minstradamus: Suga is called Minstradamus because of his predictions. Many of Suga’s predictions come true and ARMY derived the name from famous Greek astronomer Nostradamus. Suga is ARMY’s personal astronomer predicting all the future events. 
  4. Min Slug: Suga is very sluggish and he always wants to lie down. Suga does not like any physical exercises, he has even said that he wants to be reborn as a rock in his next life so that he does not need to breathe. A true Min slug, who wants to be reborn as “rock bison”.


Tell us your favourite Suga nicknames in the comments.  


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