Top 4 Winter Anime Recommendations!

1.Wonder Egg Priority Wonder Egg Priority is one of the best original anime in a while. The anime deals with issues like the trauma of suicide and puts forward the question: How far would you go to save someone who took their own life? Wonder Egg Priority portrays bullying, self-cutting, fat-shaming, survivor's guilt, and group suicide in only a span of the first three episodes. The anime is interesting to watch. 2. Kemono Jihen Kemono Jihen is one of the well-written anime of 2021 and it is worth your time. The mystery created around Kabane is one of the main themes of the plot. The show has been tamer in the following episodes but this is definitely an anime that doesn't shy away from violent imagery. 3. Horimiya Horimiya is based on a popular and incredibly romantic comedy manga. The series is about the dualities of people, especially during the years the high-school years. The series makes us wonder whether one version of us is fake. 4. Otherside Picnic It is uncommon to see adults star in anime and this is the reason which makes Otherside Picnic a refreshingly wonderful series to watch. The anime primarily deals with the spooky and the supernatural monsters but also the anime has an underlying theme of cute and wholesome romance.