Top 5 Chembur Moments of Sanjay Kapoor that we loved (and Maheep hated !)

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives is yet another stale piece of the superficial yet glamorous lives of celebrity-wives. However, while the wives fly high, we get to see the hubby hero staying close to his roots.

  1. Ready to dance anytime, anywhere. In the first episode, where Sanjay got up to sway with Seema Khan; Maheep was embarrassed. The Kapoors tend to have a bindaas attitude. And, we stan.

  2. When his Shanaya Kapoor uses the millenial lingo, his comeback is ready. “Main tera baap hoon, bro nahi.” Not a Chembur thing, but just a 'DAD’ thing.

  3. “Take a nice pic or it’ll look like we’re in Lokhandwala.” All the dads in FLBW are more candid & have a humorous, jolly take on life.

  4. That iconic “Aaja,aaja mere Raja” line, while eating the slippery seafood they ordered. It was hilariously cute to see Sanjay struggle with that oyster. Yet, Maheep couldn’t stop talking about shopping at Louis Vuitton.

  5. At Le Bal, Sanjay gets overwhelmed when the French lady assumes him to be the Royal Prince & further, like a normal protective father, he keeps an eye on Shanaya’s cavalier.

All in all, Maheep, take a chill pill. Sanjay’s a cutie.