Top three Famous Kpop idols who were not born in Korea

1. Lisa

BLACKPINK Lisa also known as Lalisa Manoban was born in Buri Ram, Thailand and is a native of the country. Lisa is also one of the most popular kpop idols searched on google and is the main dancer and lead rapper of the girl group BLACKPINK

2. Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang was born in Hong Kong, China and is a member of GOT7 and also the founder of record label Team Wang, and is the creative director and lead designer for fashion brand Team Wang Design. He is active in mainland China as a solo artist and television host.

3. Mina

Twice Mina is also one of the most popular members who was not born in Korea and I know what you’re thinking that since Mina belongs to the japan line, she was born in Japan but let me tell you that is snot the case. Mina was born in Texas, United States.