Top Western Dramas You Must Watch If You Liked 'News Of The World'

News of The World starring Tom Hanks is receiving quiet the appreciation from the fans around the globe. The Western periodic drama with its slow but extremely absorbing screen play is something so infectious that you can't help but ask for more. So here's a list of, "Top Western Dramas you must watch if you liked News of The World" :

1. No Country for Old Men

This 2007 Western classic starting Havier Bardem, Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones in pivotal roles is for sure one heck of a thought-provoking film worth multiple viewinal. Also since there is no background music it helps accentuate the realism of the film all the more and draw the viewer in closer. Not to mention that Havier Bardem is a freak show!

2. The Hateful Eight

First off you should just simply watch all of Quentin Tarantino movies. That's a big must for all the movie buffs out there. And as far as this 2015 flick is concerned it's strong memorable characters, their are equally convincing performances and those plot twists are something that will for sure leave you in awe of this master movie maker.

3. The Revenant

There is a high probability that you have already watched the Oscar winning performance by Leonardo DiCaprio in this slow, captivating marvel of a film called, The Revenant. But it sure is worth a second watch possibly for that bear fight alone! The absolute best bear fight you'd ever see. Kudos to the entire team.

And that was the list guys. What's your favourite Western Periodic drama? Note it down in the comment section below.