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Triples - An Unadulterated Fun Ride.

Ram, a divorcee is getting ready for his second marriage. On the day of his marriage his ex-wife enters the scene and what happens next is a fun filled confusion drama with lots of love, friendship and laughter. We lack good comedy movies or shows in Tamil and Triples to an extent is an exemption. It's a comedy of errors and mistaken identities staged like a 90s Crazy Mohan film. There isn't any novelty to the plot it is the same age old rom-com drama. Triples works to an extent due to its unadulterated presentation and fun quotient. Writer Balaji Jayaraman had tried to bring the best in every possible situations and most of it fills the gap. But it's the characters that make this 8 episode show a watchable affair. 

Jai as Ram resembles Vijay in every frame and is at his usual form. Vivek Prassana and Rajkumar are witty and does their part with ease. Vani Bhojan with her scintillating presence makes an impression. Its Namita Krishnamoorthy who stole the entire show with her wit and charm. She uplifts each situations along with Vivek and keeps the show lively. This Karthik Subbaraj production is rich in colorful frames and technical aspects. The show suffers from a series of bumps towards the end,still managed to evoke laughter. Triples is a much needed break in these unprecedented times, take a break from those gritty, dark shows and enter into a word of fun and friendship.


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