Try the Colorbar Waterproof Eyeliner Which Long Lasts a Whole Day

I have been using this eyeliner for 5 months and has got the best results. The eyeliner is waterproof and is 2.5 ml in quantity. I love this eyeliner because it is jet black, matte and also after applying it gives intense look to my face. This eyeliner gives a glossy finish to my eyes. It has a fine brush and so you can easily create your look. This eyeliner is very affordable in price. It stays the whole day on my eyes and you can also use this eyeliner while going to a party. Use this eyeliner once and you will purchase it again and again. It dries up fast on the eyes, long-lasting and the brush is perfect! This eyeliner is super amazing and I highly recommend this eyeliner. Excellent product to buy!