Trying to understand the hype behind 365 Days fame Michele Morrone! Do you find him talented and attractive?

The Italian actor, Michele Morrone is the April cover star of Elle India Magazine. He became an overnight sensation after his film 365 Days premiered on Netflix. The film surely caused a storm on social media and people, mostly women, became obsessed with the star. The obsession was mostly due to his killer looks and dominant character in the movie. Morrone looks sharp and dashing in black leather jacket on the cover of Elle India. He shares the cover on social media handles and shows his excitement to visit India, which he referred to as beautiful and colourful country! Michele Morrone is a father of 2 kids, who are 7 and 3 years old. He spoke how parenthood in the Elle India and labelled it as the most difficult job. He says, " they don’t know anything about life. They’re like sponges; they just absorb everything that you do and say. So, you have to be really, really, careful." . He does not want to push his kids to become a doctor or a lawyer, instead, he wants them to follow their passion. How do we feel about him? Are people still obsessed with him? Do you find him talented?