tvN's "Happiness" starring Park Hyung-sik and Han Hyo-joo drops new teaser!

Park Hyun-sik is back!

tvN released a new teaser of its apocalyptic thriller drama "Happiness", it stars Park Hyung-sik as a smart and honest detective along with Han Hyo-joo as a member of the police squad.

The drama tells the story of a time when infectious diseases have become a new normal. One day, an apocalypse forces people to lock themselves in a newly constructed apartment building, and their struggle to stay alive. It also revolves around different class conflicts that take place in this battle to survive.

The teaser gives glimpses of this disease where people are turning into a strange zombie-like creature and are thirsty for blood. Will they be able to survive this apocalypse? It will be interesting to see Park Hyung-sik making his comeback in this completely new genre for him.

I am also interested to see how will this story make up to 12 episodes, it will be challenging to keep the audience intrigued for that long in this kind of drama. What do you think?

Are you excited to watch this one?

Check out the teaser below!